Yesterday marked the opening of UCOL's sculpture exhibit. It was a good time with free soup and booze.

I'd like to speak a little bit about the feel of the class. There seems to be a bit of an abrasive relationship between the fine arts department and the design department of UCOL. I've experienced similar grievances at UW-Stout, but since design is integrated into the fine arts more so at Stout, it is less prominent. It reminds me of the long standing grudge between skiers and snowboarders when I worked as a snowboard instructor at Afton. We would have our rivalries and it was "all-in-good-fun".  But when we gathered for bells (scheduled times we had to meet to give lessons), there would be a distinct separation between the snowboard instructors and ski instructors. No one broke the boundaries of their designated side to strike up a conversation. It was if there was a canyon inbetween both groups and if a snowboarder took a step towards the skier's side, he would fall to his death. Now that I am done with my tangent, I can continue with my point. There is a grudge between fine arts students and computer graphic students. So, that plus the fact that the administration made an exception for me to join a second level sculpture class as a greenhorn made me feel like an underdog. 

To add validity to my perception I have a few examples. I caught a bit of the conversation my sculpture teacher was having with a student while critiquing her work and it was along the lines of, " it that way so it doesn't look like it was sculpted by a designer." Then he gave me the eyes to assure me that he wasn't serious. I laughed because I knew it was a joke but it just goes to show what kind of line of distiction there is between the two departments. But I can't get over the little bungles that occur like when my teacher still calls me Eric or forgets to print off my sculpture label. 

I know I am giving a woes me description of my time here in New Zealand, but don't take it that way. It is just a dramatic buildup to the rest of my story.

Ok ok, so here is the picture, I'm an underdog, my classmates are skilled sculpture artists, and my teacher has little faith in my ability. What do I see in that picture? Motivation to up my game so that is what I did. I'm impressed with how my FIRST sculpture turned out.
you walk into the hallway
.....and see this
....then this
By this time you either think, 

"hmmm wtf is this" 
you pretend to know because you're some naive art critic
Finally you arrive to the end of the tape trail and the word reveals itself
There was a line indicating where to stand along with an artist statement that went something like this...

If you stand in the right spot and close one eye you should be able to make out the word "Aporia", which means a state where meaning is already always differing.

This sculpture is a reflection of my self-discoveries whilst in New Zealand because it requires you to change your perspective to understand the meaning. I came to New Zealand to do some soul searching, and although I have found some answers, they have opened up the doors to more questions that need to be answered. Life is a never ending quest.

9/3/2009 04:45:31 pm

Its so obvious a designer made this. Just look at that sexy typography. Theres no way a sculpture student could've created a masterpiece like that.

hehe...kidding. Kinda.

1/20/2012 10:51:02 am

Wise man have their mouths in their hearts, fools have their hearts in their mouths.

1/20/2012 10:51:11 am

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