Hey Mates,

Here is an update on The Green Bakery Logo.....
I spent the day sketching out thumbs and I flushed out one of my better ideas.

shot was taken with my finger filter
critiques welcomed
dropn'rhymeslikedimes (Lindsey Baker)
7/11/2009 03:56:25 am

I'm diggin' the logo for the green bakery. The letters look vegan? Well, ok, if letters could look vegan, I'm guessing they'd look like that. probs chief

alex doffing
7/11/2009 04:20:15 am

it kind of makes me think of... hobbits.
i definitely get a homey, quaint feel from it. are you thinking about having any kind of icon or just type?

also, i don't know if this is just the photo, but the greenish gradient behind the letters add much to the feel. intentional or no.

7/11/2009 04:44:56 am

Parma Petite!!
You did a nice job spacing the letters; everything seems to flow really nicely. It has a lighthearted, bouncy feel, but the serifs still speak business.
I'm not completely sold on the 'y'.... and was wondering the same thing as alex: any icon, or just type? I think the ending of they 'y' leaves opportunity for an icon of some sort.. it can even be slightly discrete, flowing directly from the 'y'

Looks great so far babe! :o)

Jeff Carpenter
7/11/2009 06:32:15 am

Props on knowing the font Staci. You are so smart AND good looking! I'm going to try to to reply to all of your comments except for the dumb ones-haha

If it has a Vegan feel = Great
If it has a Hobbit feel = Bad (must be the NZ gettin to me)
...But thats all opinion

The green was just the way the picture was taken. I'm planing on making the logotype green but then there is a part of me that says not to. I think it has something to do with imagining all the food products being the color green- and when your food products are bread that means mold :( It seems like a green logotype would be the most logical though.

As for an Icon....
I have been fooling around with an idea but I might omit it for a few reasons:
-The logotype is strong by itself
-I don't know if I could incorporate my icon with the logotype
-It sounds like the plan for these logos are going to be for their bread packaging so I wonder if they want a logo geared towards the intended product packaging.

And I agree with with Staci on the "Y", it was a simple solution without much thought. The swash may be too obnoxious and alienated from the rest of the letterforms. Maybe I'll try something more conforming like the "S" in the Cheers logo.

I'll post my icon when I work out the kinks.

7/13/2009 07:11:18 pm

I'm thinking that maybe incorperating something that represents a green environment as part of the logo like a tree.

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