Boy, its been a long time, eh? I'm sure none of you folks are crying about it though. But now I'm back so if you were crying you can dry your tears. 

Here is what I've been up to.
Class/homework/research/ping-pong/grocery shopping/making food/seeing sights/snowboarding/making friends/talking to my girlfriend/talking to the fam/cleaning my room/working out/playing hackeysack/doing photoshoots/learning about cultures/and learning about myself...

My life is run by my "to-do" list. This is what it dictates at the moment:
SAT Find industry standard for GD wages
make a wishlist/pricelist of equipment needed to run a GD business
Do the Jill Greenberg effect to the photos i just took
SUN Research [yellow tail] and come up with concepts for poster
make 20 cardboard posters for Sculpture Gallery.
MON Design History Vocab (blah :P) 
start putting together Photography presentation

Yup thats my life for the next couple days in case you were wondering. Im going to try to make it up to Victoria Lake tomorrow so I can feed the ducks the bread ends that I've been saving up for them. Hopefully penicillin doesnt kill ducks. I'll try to pick up some batteries for my camera so you can see how close these animals get.

I guess that is it for now, It's the short and sweet version. I'll get my camera going so you 

8/14/2009 07:45:41 pm

I have bread ends too. lets feed the ducks together!

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