And I must live up to it so my integrity can stay in tact. I finished my U-rec portfolio and turned it into a PDF. Download it and check out the goods!

The Durand Durand line I used is not referring to some vivacious mistress with fake tribal paint but the illusive job opening. It seems that in the field of graphic design it is difficult to find a job because most of the time employers don't publicize their openings. To add to the challenge, the economic downturn has businesses cutting their loose ends and closing their doors to expansion. But I haven't let this discourage me yet. 

The past few weeks I have been devising a tool that will help me compete for a job during these trying times. The tool is my portfolio. Its not quite finished yet but I'd like to share with you my progress.
File Size: 4157 kb
File Type: jpg
Download File

This is my portfolio. It may look like a book but in reality it is a package that holds a DVD with an interactive PDF on it.

You can download the file to get a better look!
The inside is quite simple. It has a statement about my philosophy of design and a DVD content list. On the right side of the package is some foam-core with the a hole cut in it so that the DVD case can sit flush.
File Size: 2913 kb
File Type: jpg
Download File

That's it for now. I should have my portfolio work up within the next week!
Pablo Fransisco is a funny comedian and it seemed only natural to take his voice and turn it into a design project.

funny = good design*

Send your own ElfYourself eCards
this is a fun promotional thing from Office Max. Try it out its super easy!

Because of the nature of this project, this is a long post. I'll keep it short and sweet for all you ADDers...

This was my last BIG project while in NZ, it was designing an "all access pass" for the New Zealand International Film Festival. The aim of this project was to practice typography with small format restrictions and also create something collectable. 
This is the cover to the "all access passport" It has a scanimation of an airplane that flies across the page when you turn the cover. If you don't know what a scanimation is check out this link:
This is the inside cover. "Going On An Owee" or O.E. is a kiwi expression that means going on an an Overseas Experience. The phrase was the theme of my pass or passport - get it?.  ok moving on...
These are the "visa" pages. When you attend a screening you will receive a commemorative sticker designed specifically for that movie. These pages serve as a place to put your stickers and track which movies you went to on what day.
A map of the city to help NZIFF patrons from getting lost.
The NZIFF passport comes complete with a travel journal for event goers to jot down anything of interest during their cinematic adventures.
This is a daily schedule of the screenings. You can place the foil stickers next to the movies or "destinations" you plan on attending that day.
On the other side of the daily schedule you will find a nice thermography treated portrait of Tom Hern, Costa Botes, or Stefen Harris, or any other special guest of the film festival. These cards serve as trading cards. The more days you attend the more you collect, thus promoting frequent attendance.
This Quick Response code or QR code will allow you to access the complete NZIFF schedule on your mobile phone just by clicking a picture of it! This solved the problem of fitting the WHOLE 2-week schedule in such a small format.  
The traveler pillow will make a long day of cinema sitting a more comfortable one. The pilot wings is the actual all access pass for the festival. Since a passport is usually kept in a pocket or a purse, the wings can be pinned on your shirt to make getting to the front of the lines easier. 
These numbers arent going to raise themselves people!!!!! 

Tell your mom, tell your dad, tell your mom's dad. The point of this blog is to connect with all the important people I have left back in the states. Please show your love.
Yesterday marked the opening of UCOL's sculpture exhibit. It was a good time with free soup and booze.

I'd like to speak a little bit about the feel of the class. There seems to be a bit of an abrasive relationship between the fine arts department and the design department of UCOL. I've experienced similar grievances at UW-Stout, but since design is integrated into the fine arts more so at Stout, it is less prominent. It reminds me of the long standing grudge between skiers and snowboarders when I worked as a snowboard instructor at Afton. We would have our rivalries and it was "all-in-good-fun".  But when we gathered for bells (scheduled times we had to meet to give lessons), there would be a distinct separation between the snowboard instructors and ski instructors. No one broke the boundaries of their designated side to strike up a conversation. It was if there was a canyon inbetween both groups and if a snowboarder took a step towards the skier's side, he would fall to his death. Now that I am done with my tangent, I can continue with my point. There is a grudge between fine arts students and computer graphic students. So, that plus the fact that the administration made an exception for me to join a second level sculpture class as a greenhorn made me feel like an underdog. 

To add validity to my perception I have a few examples. I caught a bit of the conversation my sculpture teacher was having with a student while critiquing her work and it was along the lines of, " it that way so it doesn't look like it was sculpted by a designer." Then he gave me the eyes to assure me that he wasn't serious. I laughed because I knew it was a joke but it just goes to show what kind of line of distiction there is between the two departments. But I can't get over the little bungles that occur like when my teacher still calls me Eric or forgets to print off my sculpture label. 

I know I am giving a woes me description of my time here in New Zealand, but don't take it that way. It is just a dramatic buildup to the rest of my story.

Ok ok, so here is the picture, I'm an underdog, my classmates are skilled sculpture artists, and my teacher has little faith in my ability. What do I see in that picture? Motivation to up my game so that is what I did. I'm impressed with how my FIRST sculpture turned out.
you walk into the hallway
.....and see this
....then this
By this time you either think, 

"hmmm wtf is this" 
you pretend to know because you're some naive art critic
Finally you arrive to the end of the tape trail and the word reveals itself
There was a line indicating where to stand along with an artist statement that went something like this...

If you stand in the right spot and close one eye you should be able to make out the word "Aporia", which means a state where meaning is already always differing.

This sculpture is a reflection of my self-discoveries whilst in New Zealand because it requires you to change your perspective to understand the meaning. I came to New Zealand to do some soul searching, and although I have found some answers, they have opened up the doors to more questions that need to be answered. Life is a never ending quest.

My buddy told me about this video in class. It has a profound message that is worth considering. Oh and well done kinetic type doesn't hurt!
I finally received the video files from our Gravity Canyon visit. Mom, just a warning, you probably should not watch these . That warning goes against my better judgement because she could always use some more grey hairs (each grey hair is an achievement of mine).... JUST KIDDING MA I love you!
I've been watching these videos for about an hour and getting myself PUMPThis is what I'll be doing tomorrow. I may also try bungee jumping. Be prepared for pics when I return!!!!!


    Ok, I'll probably do a series of these...

    New Zealand is a place fully of quirks that separate it's traditions from ours -for example: they drive cars over here but on the other side of the road. So, what I'm going to do is post a picture and you will try to guess the New Zealand way of saying it.  I will later post the answer for you.  And the person with the craziest/creative/zai   ny


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